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How to Apply for PR in Australia in 2023?

Are you dreaming of a life in Australia? If you’re looking to apply for PR in Australia, then now is a perfect time! Becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia brings many benefits – like working and studying without restriction, gaining access to government services, and more.

Apply for PR in Australia today and get on your way to living the Australian dream! In this blog post, we will outline every important thing in order to become a Permanent Resident in Australia!

Immigration Programme 2022-2023

To apply for PR in Australia under the 2022-23 program, applicants must meet all relevant criteria as outlined by the Australian government. These include meeting language requirements, providing evidence of professional qualifications and/or work experience, and having enough financial resources to support themselves upon arrival in Australia.

Applicants that want to apply for PR in Australia should also provide details of their intended travel plans.

Visa Type    2022-2023
sponsored employer- visas    35000
skilled visas     50000
family visas     10000
special eligibility visas     25000
Skilled independent visas     32100
Skilled Nominated or Sponsored visas     10,150
parent visas     1600
global talent visa     5000
Business Innovation and Investment     1850
Global talent visa     5000
Child or Adoption Visa     1700
Distinguished talent visa     25000
Partner visa     7400

Candidates will have the opportunity to apply for one of the available 14,000 PR places that have been allocated for 2022-2023.


State 2022-2023
ACT 2025
NSW 10000
NT 200
WA   2500
VIC 2500
TAS 1500

Advantages of moving to Australia

  1. Get immediate access to Universal Healthcare
  2. Wide variety of work opportunities available
  3. Higher wages than in other countries
  4. The considerable cost of living


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