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Study Abroad From India: Complete Guide

Do you know that already over 70,000 Indian students have moved abroad for education in the last few months of 2021? This comes after a decrease of almost 50% applications for overseas admissions in 2022.

What does this news mean for you?

This means a degree overseas is still considered to be a remarkable choice for most Indian students. And they are adamant about their choices for several reasons. There are several benefits of studying abroad including high standards of research, job opportunities, stay-back options and better quality of life.

These are some of those benefits that draw lakhs of students towards education overseas. In India alone, the majority of Indian students studying abroad have been found to be from states like Andhra, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Also, India is the second largest exporter of students next to China according to a report released in 2023.

Having said all that, there are still many students who can’t seem to get their head around how to study abroad from India? How much money is needed for overseas education? What are the requirements or exams you need to appear for to study abroad? Which countries are the best to study abroad? What benefits can you expect from studying abroad?

We are here to help you answer all your questions, and tell you step-by-step the correct way to study abroad from India. Being a leading study abroad consultancy franchise, we have dedicated experts to guide you with exams, admissions, applications, and study visas. Simply put, we are a one-stop shop for all you study abroad needs in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

How to study abroad from India? 12 steps to help you plan better!

Here are 12 easy ways to study abroad from any city in India:

1. Plan in advance

One of the worst mistakes that students make while deciding to study abroad is not to have a plan. Making a plan about the course you want to study and the country where you want to study will make the next steps easier for you.

The study abroad advisors of Kanan International ensure that you receive the best advice about universities and colleges, accommodation, study visas, and so on. Our support will help you plan better and stay ahead of everything you need.

2. Prepare for exams

Moving abroad is not a cakewalk! There are many exams that you need to crack before you can think of applying for your admissions. IELTS is the most preferred exam in almost every country abroad.

Other equally important exams are TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT. Each of these exams are meant for different purposes. Please check before you apply which exam suits the course that you have chosen.

You must spend a considerable amount of time preparing for such exams. Kanan International  has got IELTS learning centres in various parts of the country. We train students for other exams as well, such as GRE, TOEFL, and GMAT. Our classes are flexible and we keep the batch size small. Register with us to know more!

3. Qualify exams

You must qualify the exam that you have opted for. By qualifying it means, you need to have the minimum marks which will enable you to apply for your admissions abroad, for example, in IELTS you need a minimum 5 or 6 band to apply for studies abroad. Bands less than 5 are usually not considered by most countries abroad. Another example, a minimum IELTS score for canada PR is 7.

Speak to a study abroad counsellor to know more about the band that you need to apply for a course in your preferred country.

4. Take help from an expert

Kanan International is one of the reputed study abroad consultants. We have dedicated experts to help you with overseas admissions. Our support services in India have helped over 20K students from various remote parts of the country. We regularly organize events on higher education abroad.

Follow our social pages and you’ll know what’s happening in the world of overseas education.


5. Shortlist

You must choose which country suits you best. Similarly, choose your preferred institute based on your academic profile. Unless you shortlist your choices, you won’t know what can and cannot work for you.

6. Start applying

Once you shortlist an institution or program, you must start applying for your admission. Every institute follows an application submission window. Also, all institutes abroad ensure that the applicant is aware whether their application is rejected or accepted.

When you take help from a study abroad counsellor, it becomes easier for you to apply, with an added advantage of staying informed about your application status.

7. Apply for scholarships

Indian students can apply for a range of scholarships to study overseas. Scholarships are available based on merit, community, academic preferences and country preferences. You must check the university website and also any government portal for more details on scholarships for international students.

8. Plan your budget

Planning a budget is an important step for your overseas education goal. It’s particularly more useful for those who come from a modest financial background. You don’t want to carry the burden of a huge loan after your studies!

9. Think or rethink about loans

The education loan burden can be huge and at times stressful for most students. Besides, it may take time to repay the loan. Always rethink before taking huge loans for studies abroad. International student debt is a serious problem that many countries face.

10. Apply for study visas

Getting study visas is not easy but can be done with proper planning and dedicated support. At Kanan, we have study visa experts who can help you with all your paperwork related to visas.

11. Attend pre-departure events

Pre-departure events can help you with accommodations, banking, and any additional information that you need before travelling abroad. Don’t miss such events!

12. Stay ready

Prepare yourself to leave your native country. Train your mind to think that you are independent already and all your problems are your own, and not your family’s. Tell yourself that you’re heading into a new world, and it’s going to be equally good or better than where you’re!

Best countries to study abroad for Indian students

Gone are the days when the USA was the only option that used to come to everyone’s mind for higher education opportunities. Students from all over the world have now moved ahead of the American dream.

Although the USA is still a personal favorite of many students for their studies, many other countries have become equally good alternatives.

Countries like Ireland, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Australia are some of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students. Reasons for choosing such countries range from their research opportunities, lifestyle, better standards of living, to easy stay-back options.

Check out the best countries to study abroad for every Indian study abroad aspirant-

  1. Australia – Australia is home to the finest institutions in the world with over 1000 universities to choose from. All colleges and universities in the nation fall under the Australian Qualifications Framework category. Australia has a diverse population with over 200 languages and dialects being spoken.
  2. And this also makes it one of the most popular English-speakin countries. Although the cost of living could be high, you can apply for international scholarships to manage your studies.
  3. Canada – Canada ranks no.1 in the best countries list, in terms of both quality of life and social purpose. There are many good places to study in Canada.  It has been a popular destination for people from all backgrounds who want to migrate abroad. A vast population of the country is estimated to be composed of Indians.
  4. Indian students can choose community colleges, technical colleges, and universities, and also apply for a large number of scholarships. In fact, it is one of the cheaper countries to study abroad.
  5. USA – If you need a larger-than-life experience, then the United States is the first option that comes to our mind. American dream is not just a phrase that people look forward to. It’s something that everyone wants to experience. Let us know which universities in America you’re looking at, and we’ll tell you what to do next.
  6. New Zealand – This country has made a tremendous impact on the rest of the nations, with its policies and progressive ways of operating. New Zealand also has some top universities for international students to look for.
  7. New Zealand – This country has made a tremendous impact on the rest of the nations, with its policies and progressive ways of operating. New Zealand also has some top universities for international students to look for.
  8. Singapore – Singapore has popular institutions like the NUS, known for its scientific research and development. The country has done tremendously well in the last few decades and has risen from poverty and a fallen economy. In Singapore, you’ll find a large group of people from different countries, which makes it ethnically diverse.

Wondering where to study abroad after your 12th exams? Or are you a graduate looking for masters programmes abroad?

Speak to the counsellors of Kanan International. They will assist you with enumerable options abroad for your overseas admissions.

Kanan International specializes in overseas education. We have helped over 50K students choose institutes abroad to further their education. Our counseling team does a good job of connecting students with representatives from some of the top institutes worldwide.

You can sign up for such events and understand how to study abroad. Kanan International also offers a space for learning IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT.

Our trainers are from several reputed organizations and certified specialists in their domain. They have years of experience nurturing students from various backgrounds. Our database has thousands of institutes listed in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc.

For more information about classes and admission assistance, you can speak to a counsellor or visit our site kanan.co and register. One of us will reach out to you!

Indian students studying abroad – insights!

Although the pandemic has made all of us question what our future would look like, we are all slowly getting back to the normal pace of our lives. This applies to study abroad aspirants as well. Students from all over the world are moving ahead faster than ever with their study abroad plans. In fact, in the beginning of 2023, several thousand Indian students started studying abroad.

Aspiration of middle-class families to study abroad

For someone it’s a dream to boost their economic reality, whereas for others it could be a choice for better education standards. Reasons can be many for someone to choose higher education abroad.

In India, the study abroad fever has gripped both high-income and middle-income families. With more benefits like scholarships, study abroad loans, and other incentives students from various strata of the Indian society can make their abroad education dream possible now.

In fact, for many middle-class families studying in the USA seems like a dream come true. But you’ll be surprised to know that there are so many other nations which are considered to be equally good alternatives to the USA.

A survey report by PIE news released in September 2020 mentioned that Indian students are increasingly moving to other countries like Germany, Canada and the UK, looking beyond the traditional American education dream. 

Indian techies abroad

Ever since the IT boom in India, several other sectors, including non-IT, witnessed massive growth. People from all over the country started moving to big cities where the IT jobs were, and in general for jobs.

A huge chunk of population from rural parts of India also migrated to cities for better earning opportunities. The situation is still the same, except that many people are working from remote parts all over the country.

The population of techies [those working in IT sectors] has slowly made its way to countries abroad. In 2019 alone, 2000 Indian techies applied for work visas in Ireland. Japan is yet another country where Indian techies are heading to. That’s why companies like Wipro invest in training their employees with Japanese language skills.

Over the past few years, IT professionals have moved to countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Belgium in search of better prospects. Given the countries’ overall work atmosphere and stay-back options, it becomes easier to explore more opportunities.

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