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Best IELTS and PTE Coaching

We sail you through IELTS and PTE!

If you aspire to study abroad, one of these two English Proficiency examinations, IELTS and PTE, is mandatory to clear. It is a standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English-speaking individuals that enables them to overcome the linguistic gap and undertake communication seamlessly in foreign countries, which is why it holds this much importance.

At the International level, various educational institutions and professional organizations accept IELTS and PTE including American, Canadian, British, European, Irish, Australian, and New Zealand ones.

At IntStu Aspirations, we have expertise in dealing with students from a wide range of academic backgrounds for more than 19 years, which has given us a unique vantage point into what’s best for you and how to make it happen.

How do you score with Intstu Aspirations?

As part of our all-in-one approach to your dream of studying abroad, IntStu Aspirations helps you to prepare for both IELTS and PTE.

Here are a few unique features we have that distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Our qualified IDP & British Council trained instructors train you in all four modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking – with the best coaching and knowledge.
  • Student batches are personally organized in order to help them score well and discuss their problems.
  • We teach IELTS modules and offer regular grammar classes for students to brush up on their skills
  • Students can receive personal IELTS speaking practice sessions on a regular basis to increase their scores.
  • We are equipped with a mock-test classroom environment to prepare the students for the actual exam.

Our Teaching Pattern

At IntStu Aspirations, we offer a technologically advanced student portal where students can find out how they are doing, conduct an online evaluation, receive feedback from instructors, give mock tests, read and practice hundreds of IELTS articles in an online library.

  • On the student portal, students have access to high-quality videos that provide IELTS tips and tricks for each section which helps them to achieve high band scores.
  • We regularly arrange full-fledged mock tests every week so that the students can clear the IELTS test with the required score band for each module in their first attempt.
  • We have daily batches from 8 am to 8 pm, six days a week.
  • We guide students to register for their tests as well.
  • As soon as the student gets the required IELTS score, we can assist students with their admission into any course, college or university of their choice in their chosen country.

IELTS & PTE Exam Pattern

Both of the English proficiency tests, (International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Pearson Test of English (PTE) has 4 skill papers- Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. In IELTS there are two types of modules- Academic Module and the General Module of IELTS whereas PTE has PTE General, PTE Academic, & PTE Young Learner. IELTS offers two basis of examination- one is Paper-based and second is computer-delivered exam whereas PTE is all Computer-based exam and its marking system is operated by a machine. If you plan to study in Australia or New Zealand, it is supremely advisable to appear for PTE as it is highly acceptable there.

•IELTS tests 4 modules: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Listening Multiple choice, Diagram labelling, Sentence Completion, Summary Completion 30 mins 40 Questions
Reading Multiple choice Questions, Sentence completion, Summary Completion, Matching Features, Matching Headings 60 mins 40 Questions
Writing Two Writing Tasks 60 mins 2 Questions
Speaking Three parts in this Section 11-14 minutes

Listening, Reading and Writing are completed in one sitting, whereas the Speaking test is taken separately on a one-to-one basis on another day. Exam fees for 2023-2024 is INR 15,900/–    

  PTE test 4 modules: 2 hours 

Speaking & Writing Personal introduction Repeat sentence Read aloud Re-tell lecture Describe image Summarize written text Answer short question Essay (20 mins) 54 – 67 minutes to complete both sections
Reading Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks Reading: Fill in the blanks Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Multiple-choice, choose single answer Re-order paragraphs 29-30 minutes
Listening Summarize spoken text Fill in the blanks Multiple-choice, choose single answers Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Select missing word Highlight correct summary Highlight incorrect words Write from dictation 30 – 43 minutes

Exam fees for 2023-2024 is INR 15,900/

05 July 2023

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