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Looking to stay and work in Canada? These are the fastest-growing careers in the country

If you’re like most international students, Canada isn’t just a stop on your way to a different country, or a brief detour before going home. There’s a good chance that Canada is where you want to stay after graduation – which means working here.

The Canadian labour market has changed dramatically over the years, and varies quite a bit from region to region.

Where the jobs are

  • In the Western provinces, there are still many jobs in the natural resources sector, like forestry, agriculture and oil & gas.
  • Ontario is the heart of the country’s economic engine, with many manufacturers throughout the province, particularly in the automotive sector, and many large corporations’ head offices (or Canadian HQ, in the case of multinationals) located in Toronto and its suburbs.
  • Quebec has a balanced economy and was even dubbed “Canada’s economic powerhouse” last year.
  • The Atlantic provinces rely heavily on tourism and trade, as the home to several major ports.

What jobs does Canada need in the near future?
Still, there are a few things that apply across the country. That’s where LinkedIn comes in. The professional networking site recently released its “Jobs on the Rise” report, outlining which 20 careers are fastest-growing in demand.

LinkedIn’s list is based on five years of data, meaning it captures some recent trends, including careers that have grown in demand during or because of the pandemic (you’ll see one ecommerce career on the list, and many others that have grown thanks to the spike in remote work).

You’ll also see a possible surprise at #3: dispensary technician – someone who works in a cannabis retail outlet. With the legalization of cannabis in 2017, that industry has grown significantly.

Not all fast-growing careers require advanced degrees
The whole list is worth checking out, especially because LinkedIn has helpfully noted how much experience and/or is normally required for someone pursuing that job. Recognizing that many international students are keen to start working soon after completing a college degree / diploma, we’ve noted which positions sometimes – but not always – have lower barriers to entry.

One theme throughout the list: the future is (still) digital. No fewer than 6 of the 20 are either in information technology (IT) or closely related to it, like data engineer or IT associate. There are many colleges and universities in Canada with strong IT programs – use our search function to find one.

The top 20 fastest-growing jobs in Canada, according to LinkedIn

  1. Growth marketing manager
  1. Product operations manager
  1. Dispensary technician*
  1. Technical program manager
  1. Sustainability manager
  1. Head of growth
  1. User experience writer*
  1. Information technology associate*
  1. Site reliability engineer*
  1. Customer success associate*
  1. Valuation analyst
  1. Sales development representative*
  1. Security engineer*
  1. Data engineer*
  1. Ecommerce coordinator*
  1. Technical product manager*
  1. Cyber security specialist*
  1. Crew scheduler*
  1. Medical writer
  1. Media planner


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