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Major Changes Announced in Post Study visa in Australia

These Changes will let foreign students who finish their studies in Australia work longer in the country.

This will help companies in Australia and bring back more students from other countries after the COVID-19 pandemic. This change means more skilled workers will be available to help with the work needed in Australia.

The Government shared a list of jobs and the degrees needed for them. This will let graduates work more.

They are focusing on areas like health, teaching, engineering, and farming. Every year, they will check if these are still the skills needed most and make changes if needed.

Starting from 1 July 2023, graduates will be allowed to work longer in Australia:

  • If you have a Bachelor degree in some subjects, you can work for four years instead of two.
  • If you have a Master degree in some subjects, you can work for five years instead of three.
  • If you have any Doctoral degree, you can work for six years instead of four.

Rules for working in less populated parts of Australia will stay the same.

If you are a graduate and have a Temporary Graduate Visa on 1 July 2023 or get one after that date, you can work for two more years. If your visa ends before 1 July 2023, you can ask for more work time.

Also, the Australian Government will let students work more each week. You can work 48 hours every two weeks, not just 40.This little change will help students earn more money, learn from their work, and help Australia while they are studying. This change will also start on 1 July 2023.


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