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Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (2014)


Building on the success of the 2010, 2012, and 2013 rounds, the NIH Office of AIDS Research, in cooperation with the International AIDS Society and NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR), launches a new round of the research grant programme Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (CNIHR) to fund approximately 10 research grants in 2014, following a competitive application process. The intent of this program is to attract both international and U.S.-based young, early stage investigators without prior experience in HIV research to help answer essential questions in HIV research, including emerging issues of long term survival with HIV infection, prevention of HIV transmission, and research toward a cure. Please apply by 16 October 2013 at www.cnihr.org. Eligibility: Eligible applicants include junior investigators who have either completed their first terminal research degree (e.g. PhD, MD, DVM, MMed + postdoctoral fellowship or formal research training and experience) or medical residency within the last ten years from the concept proposal deadline (i.e. 16 October 2003), and who have a faculty or equivalent position (e.g. assistant professor, senior lecturer, etc.) in good standing at an academic institution or have a comparable position in a not for profit organization or institution with a primary mission of research. U.S. Federal Government employees are ineligible to apply. Some U.S. Government contractors may also be ineligible therefore potential applicants should check with their organization to determine whether external funding is allowed Post-doctoral trainees are eligible to apply IF they have completed their training and will have a faculty or comparable position prior to the full proposal submission deadline of Monday, February 10, 2014; a letter of intent from the investigator’s institution indicating the commitment to a faculty or comparable position by the deadline must be included in the concept proposal submission. If the applicant does not have the faculty or comparable position at the time of full proposal submission, their application will be removed from the pool as ineligible. Applicants must have not yet been engaged in HIV research (as defined by any previous grant, contract, sub-award or publication in HIV or SIV research). Type of projects: Research topics could include any aspect of HIV and HIV-related research, but may not include prospective human interventional trials (e.g. clinical trials of new drugs, treatments, or devices; or off-label use of a licensed drug). Studies of animal models, stored samples from existing cohorts, small pathogenesis studies or in vitro trials are acceptable. If an applicant is considering a study involving approved drugs and/or standard-of-care, the applicant is encouraged to contact the review administrator to determine whether the proposed project would be eligible for funding at info@cnihr.org. Applicants are strongly encouraged to integrate sex and gender considerations into their research design when appropriate. For more information about the inclusion of the role of sex and gender into your CNIHR project, please see the CNIHR website (www.cnihr.org/sexandgender), Funding available: Awards will be funded for 1-2 years, up to $150,000 (direct costs) per year plus applicable indirect costs. Second year funding is contingent upon demonstration of satisfactory progress during year one. Ten to twelve grants are anticipated to be awarded in conjunction with the 20th International AIDS Conference, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 20-25 July 2014.

Other Criteria

The CNIHR program will produce four live webinars between August and October 2013 which will be recorded and posted on the CNIHR website: Two will be focused on answering questions about eligibility and scientific questions and two will focus on scientific and application/administrative questions. For more details, please see the CNIHR website. Recordings of the webinars will also be posted on the CNIHR website (www.cnihr.org). For other questions, please first read the FAQs on the CNIHR website. If they were not answered by the FAQs, please contact us at info@cnihr.org.

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