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EnergeeInc.com $1,000 Player Award – Internships available

EnergeeInc.com the game is offering a $1,000 college scholarship to one lucky player! No matter what your field of study or career choice is having a basic understanding of business and economics is important. Playing EnergeeInc.com teaches basic and advanced topics within Business and Economics. That is why we are offering a scholarship to students in any field. NEW: Please email us for internship information! staff@energeeinc.com

Other Criteria

Part Time and Full Time students are eligible to receive the scholarship across undergraduate and graduate studies. Scholarships can only be applied to accredited colleges or universities.High School and College Students may apply/play. Applicable only to college studies. A winning HS student may defer the scholarship until they are enrolled in college.How do you apply: 1 – Create an account and play EnergeeInc.com regularly (2-3+ times a week) using at least 300+ construction credits a week. 2 – Get three friends to play regularly as well. 3 – Email us your game username at staff@energeeinc.com to be entered for the scholarship. We will randomly choose one lucky active player as the winner on June 30th, 2017. The more players that join the game the more scholarships we will give out and the sooner they will be available! Join now and get your friends playing! www.EnergeeInc.com

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