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Have a registered working email address that is yours and only you have access to. Any individual choosing to participate in this contest must be undergoing High School or higher level education (university, college ) Every submission must meet the minimum word count requirement of 500 words to 1000 words max. All work for this essay contest must be written in English.We understand that the world is multilingual and we would enjoy reading such interesting works in their original language, however it would make conducting such an event nearly impossible. Documents must be sent in Word or Doc type files as to allow easy access to them to the email address support@essayhub.com with subject line Essay Writing Contest. The email submission requirements need you to place your name in the work itself and in the text of the email letter itself. Example: Essay Writing Contest – Joseph Smith. Avoid continuously looking to debate whether you should be the winner or trying to convince the judges why you think you deserved to win. All judging is done anonymously and based SOLELY on the quality of the essay writer’s work. This allows for only the best essays to win. We DO NOT accept the submission of any kind of scholarship essay. Plagiarism is a no go. All those found guilty will be disqualified without being notified. No excuses, no exceptions. There are many referencing guides available on our website for you to use in case you get stuck. In the case of a resubmission from a previous contest it will not be taken into account and regarded as plagiarism.

Other Criteria

Available Topics For Our Essay Writing Contest Participants are free to choose amongst any of the 10 available topics as these are frequently encountered and quite controversial. Is the American Dream still alive? Can money buy us happiness? What could be done to improve the educational system? Is taking written exams the best way to test one’s knowledge? Violence in video games, should teens play them? Have technological advancements reduced our appreciation of human emotions? Can peer pressure be good for self development? Are the elderly entitled to free bus rides in our country? Can our personal achievements and knowledge ever be examined without being bias? To what extent do team sports influence our communication skills?

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You must be from one of the following countries:

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