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Fellowship: Peace Revolution European Fellowship 2015

Applications for the Peace Revolution European Fellowship are open now! The fellowship will take place from 30th August to 5th September in Lede, Belgium. The event will bring together 40 young people from all over Europe, who are interested in learning and exploring self-development as a primary means to create real world change. The week-long (including arrival and departure) retreat aims to promote a culture of peace, to bring forward aspects of peace education and youth empowerment, and to teach how to implement the practice of mindfulness on a day to day basis through the primary means of meditation and self-development. Fellowship objectives • To promote tools of non-violent communication and peace-building that can be applied to all cultures, religions and professions. • To explore meditation as a practice which can develop tools to deal with challenges within peace-building and youth work. • To explore the idea that self-development is a core foundation of world change and helping others. • To understand that cultivating inner qualities can be the foundation of creating compassion in society which leads to more benevolence and understanding within conflict situations. • To learn practical methods of stress management and ways to increase emotional intelligence. • To practice mindfulness during yoga and other group activities. • To build on participants’ progress after having participated in the online self-development program. • To empower youth workers and to offer the space for them to create ideas to implement activities and events in their own communities.

Other Criteria

Eligibility • Preferably young adults between the ages of 18-30. More mature participants are welcome as well. • Must be from European Member states (EFTA COUNTRIES/ EEA MEMBER STATES, EU MEMBER STATES PRE-ACCESSION COUNTRIES) or hold a Schengen visa. We cannot provide any visa related documents. • Candidates should be fully self-supportive for the transportation to the retreat site. • Must have completed 21 days of the online self-development program. Note that in order to submit the application form, candidates do not need to have completed the online self-development program. • Candidates should have good proficiency in written and spoken English language. • Candidates should be optimistic, be open-minded, show leadership potential, and have a genuine interest in peace.

You must be studying in one of the following countries:

You must be from one of the following countries:

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