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Leadership Skills Contest

Create a video (max 5 minutes) addressing the following issues: 1. What is the difference between a manager and a leader? 2. What skills are required to be a successful business leader? 3. Who, according to you, are modern-day business leaders and why? 4. As a future business leader, what changes would you implement in conventional management processes in order to be more competitive in today’s dynamic work environment? Participating students can win a monetary prize of €200 or €2,000 reduction in tuition fees on one of our courses (Foundation Course in Management with English or BA in Management).

Other Criteria

The contest is open to high school students in their last year of study. No registration fees apply. For more information, please visit our website: www.gcmalta.com/contests/

You must be studying in one of the following countries:

You must be from one of the following countries:

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