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Postdoc Fellowship – Nanotechnology Research Network

Nanotechnology Research Network is a project organized by the National Institute of Arts & Sciences and American Nano Society for activating research groups in different universities and connect them through joint projects. An active group is located in Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Jimma University, Ethiopia. The group is chaired by Professor Ali Eftekhari, President of the American Nano Society. We have a unique strategy in leading the team. Thus, please carefully read the job description before applying. * This is part of a chair system in which assistant/associate professors work under supervision of a chair, and you will be officially appointed as an assistant or associate professor. This is indeed equivalent to the modern postdoc model in the United States and other countries. * You will work in a team of 15 – 20 postdoc fellows coming from different countries. * Due to the team structure, flexibility to be supervised is one of the main criteria. * Contrary to many postdoc fellowships, the present position is not focused on a specific research project. Instead, the postdoc fellows are involved in different tasks from research to academic affairs. The main theme is to empower the team members with various academic skills. * The postdoc fellows should necessarily start to work on a new research topic (different from their past experiences), and normally involved in literature review during the first six months. The goal is to publish review article or book. * The department is quite young, and you are part of the team developing the department. While initiatives have potential opportunities and excellent experiences for academic career, everything is not perfect. * We are looking for people who are ambitious and want to take this step as a jump in his/her academic career (e.g., appointment at top universities). There is no room for people who are interested in routine jobs for today. * A significant part of this position is teaching duties. * Each member should be committed to the team promotion internationally. Skills for networking are critically important. * The salary is about $24,000 – $30,000, which is quite high considering the cost of living (i.e. four times higher than local full professors). Housing and flights will be covered. On the other hand, we are looking for those who are interested in the potentials of this position rather than a routine job with high salary. * Jimma city is probably different from your imagination about Africa. The nature is greener than Europe, and the weather is always at excellent condition (18 – 25 C). Application submitted from the present page will be considered only! View the link below.

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