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Success for Life

Awarded to students entering the first year of high school (Grade 9) from an international destination who are aiming to graduate from an Ontario High School by completing 4 years and graduating from Grade 12 with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Other Criteria

This scholarship is awarded following the application and validation from the student in the form of transcripts from their home school indicating an average of 85% or above (A+) (Level 4) in their intermediate grades 7 and 8. They must also provide information about their community and social involvement, their choice of pathway to post secondary education and career. A letter of recommendation from the Head of their intermediate school and a letter from a local community organization for which the student has supported must accompany the application. The scholarship is awarded only after a confirmed registration and attendance at an Avon Maitland School.

You must be studying in one of the following countries:

You must be from one of the following countries:

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