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The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship

The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship was created to raise awareness of internet privacy and security. As internet-ready devices proliferate in classrooms worldwide, so do threats to the privacy of the individuals who use them. Students are taking notice, and are quickly becoming the most savvy users of these technologies. With the new decade bringing with it evermore invasive technologies into schools and on students’ devices, awareness of online security and fundamental privacy rights are more important than ever. ——————– How to enter To enter the scholarship competition, write an essay answering the prompt below. The 2020 ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship prompt is: While privacy is often recognized as a human right, young children are frequently incapable of making choices in defense of that right. For example, babies have no say in whether their parents post photos of them on Facebook. To what extent should parents be free to make privacy-affecting decisions on behalf of their children? What (if any) new measures do you think governments or internet businesses ought to put in place in order to protect young children’s right to privacy? Your essay should be 600 to 800 words long. Submit your application by August 31.

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