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UK Visitor Visa Fees 2023: Revised Fees for UK Standard Visitor Visa

As per statistics, International tourism visits to the United Kingdom bounced back in 2022, after dropping sharply in the previous two years due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As estimated, the number of overseas visits to the UK totalled nearly 30 million in 2022, increasing by over 20 million from 2021, the number is set to rise to 35 million in 2023.

Visitors visit the UK for tourism, business, short-term study courses, to meet family or friends, to attend a meeting or any other permitted activities.
Visitors can usually stay in the UK for up to 6 months/till the validity of the visa expires.

Revised UK Tourist Visa Fees for 2023

Category of Visa Previous Fees Revised Fees
Standard Visitor Visa (6 Months) £100 £120
Standard Visitor Visa for Medical Reasons £200 £200
Standard Visitor Visa for Academics £200 £200
2 Year Long Term Standard Visitor Visa £376 £400
5 Year Long Term, Standard Visitor Visa £670 £804
10 Year Long Term Standard Visitor Visa £837 £1004

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